Here you’ll find a breakdown of some of the services that we can offer, whether that be on an individual basis or an amalgamation of them all together should your projects or event warrant it.


From corporate to non-profit, our collective experience enables us to facilitate the very best in video production. From capturing your event to creating a documentary series, we run the production, steer the direction, and take an idea from concept to delivery.


Audio podcasting can be one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to regularly engage with your audience. We offer full recording set-ups to capture multi-presenter shows, professional post-production treatment, and can even get it published on popular podcasting platforms such as iTunes.


The editing process is where it all comes together, we can cater for all type of productions that need post-production treatment. We can also edit content that we haven't shot, be it from other creative professionals or simply from your smartphone. 


The ultimate way to interact with your audience thanks to live Q&A. We can cater for varying levels of live streaming shows, from a single camera and presenter to multi-camera dynamic shows including graphics. We can live stream to popular platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, or even to your own platform should you have one. 


 We have a roster of talented photographers we work with to perfectly capture your moment, whether that be a corporate event, a music gig, or simply just revamping your headshots for your social presence.


Digital media is a fast moving space, particularly when it comes to video and live streaming. Of course we offer these production services so that you don't need to worry about that. However, we are always willing to offer advice on anything production related, even if its just some tips to improve your smartphone filmmaking.